Designer Coats

Mens Designer Coats Are Available in Many Styles

Overcoats are often worn throughout the year in the UK, so they are an important element in any man’s style. Mens designer coats are very popular fashion accessories, and there are many styles of designer coats available for men to choose from including pea coats, safari jackets, and baseball jackets. There are endless styles and colours available to coordinate with almost any man’s personal style.

Pea coats and reefer jackets are great light jackets for both men and women to wear all year long. These jackets are usually dark coloured and slim fitting and they are often made of wool or wool blends. Designer brands of pea coats for men include Helly Hanson, A.P.C, Burberry, and Nicole Farhi.

Safari jackets are another popular style of mens designer coats. Safari jackets may also be called bush jackets. They are often made of lightweight cotton and have many pockets to carry things in. These jackets first became popular in the 1950s when Ernest Hemmingway was known to wear them. James Bond and J.R. Ewing were other celebrities that were known to wear safari jackets. These jackets are manufactured in many different colours today, but the traditional color for them is khaki. Created to help people blend into the African safari, these jackets are now popular with photographers because the abundance of pockets gives them plenty of places to stash lenses, film, and other essential items. Popular designers of mens safari jackets include Burkman Bros, Polo Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and Austin Reed.

Baseball jackets are often worn by fashionable young lads in the UK. These mens designer coats are available in almost any colour and typically have sleeves of a contrasting colour. These jackets are often designed with a funnel neck and are made of a blend of cotton and polyester. They usually have a large letter on the right front panel and the back is left plain. Popular designers of baseball jackets for men include Jack & Jones, Brave Soul, and Duck & Cover. Some of the baseball jackets have hoods attached, but most of them have plain funnel necks and buttons up the front.

Fashionable men know that for most of the year, people are more likely to see their jacket than their shirt. This means that they should have several modern jackets to fit with the style of the rest of their wardrobe. Most jackets are made in neutral colours so that there’s no worrying about their outfit colours clashing.