Mens Duffle Coats

The duffle coat is one of the most stylish and practical winter weather coats around. Duffle coats are generally made from thick woollen materials, known as duffle, which serve to keep the wearer warm and dry. These garments get their name from the town of Duffel in the Antwerp Province of Belgium where the wool material first originated.

There is no singular design to the duffle coat; however, in the UK the most common style is modeled after the issued coats worn by the British Royal Navy. Known as convoy coats or Monty coats, they rose is popularity with the general public in the 1950s and 1960s. Today the duffle coat is back in fashion and back in demand.

Duffle coats will be made from genuine Duffel or woollen materials and be lined with a stylish plaid or tartan pattern. Popular features of the men’s duffle coat are the hood and attached neck strap, which may be able to be tied or buttoned to protect the neck from the rain or cold. They usually button up with the characteristic toggle fastenings, also known as walrus teeth. These can be made of wood, buffalo horn or plastic and will be looped through rope or leather to fasten the coat closed. The toggle fastenings, both fashionable and practical, were designed to be easily done and undone wearing gloves or mittens.

Men’s duffle coats often have great, spacious pockets, perfect for storing items you want to keep handy. Many styles feature both outside pockets with covering flaps and inner pockets for a wallet, cell phone or more fragile items. Duffle coats are generally three quarter length, making them perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

In popular culture, the men’s duffle coat has been a fashion staple of many celebrities including English singer songwriter Paul Weller, members of the Scotland based band Bell and Sebastian, and of course the lovable children’s character Paddington Bear.

Men’s duffle coats are an affordable, fashionable choice for keeping warm in cold, wet weather. They provide outstanding protection from rain and snow and will definitely keep the chilly UK winds out. There are many modernised versions of the duffle coat, and they can be found in almost any colour and size, so everyone will be able to find a style to suit their tastes. They complement both business trousers and jeans, making them one of the most versatile, practical pieces in your wardrobe.