Mens Parka Coats

Men’s parka coats come from the original 1950s snorkel parkas developed by the US military to provide protection from cold as bad as -60 degrees Fahrenheit. These parka coats are still around and a popular choice for young adults in the UK since the 1970s. However, there are other types of parka jackets, which are useful for a variety of situations. Many parkas parka also provide modifications for alternative conditions and other features. The only real difference between parkas for men and women is the aesthetic features. Woman’s parkas are fitted, while men’s parkas tend to be more bulky.

What are the Types of Men’s Parka Coats?
Mens Parka Coats

The first has already been mentioned. The snorkel parka zips up to the jaw line of the wearer, and there is a tufted, synthetic fur to protect the face, as well as lining around the hands and bottom of the jacket to prevent entry of cold air. The body of the snorkel parka is ribbed and filled with down for maximum protection from the cold.

Parkas may be designed to handle extreme winds with less need for cold protection. The windbreaker parka is a light liner using waterproof and windproof material. This is a good choice for cool days, and it is often featured as a zip-away component of multi-purpose parkas.

For hooded protection from all types of precipitation, drawstring parkas are the best choice. They contain a down layer, but this is removable for the humidity of warmer climates. The drawstring hood, for keeping water and snow out of the jacket, is augmented by drawstrings on the sleeves and bottom of the parka.

Safety parkas are designed for full protection from the elements that doesn’t compromise the vision or hearing. The hoods are thin, so that stimuli can be responded to quickly. These parkas make excellent choices for the hunter of person working in a hazardous job requiring full visibility. The safety parka comes in a variety of high-visibility designs, including reflective tape and colour configurations matching up with safety standards required by many regulatory bodies.

Most men’s parka coats share a couple of common features. They have pockets, and most include inner and breast pockets. Lower pockets are generally flapped for easy access, while other pockets are usually zipped for the most protection from the elements. Men’s parkas also are multi-purpose to allow adaptation to many weather situations, including casual wear.