Mens Trench Coats

The Men’s Trench Coat – A Classic Tradition

There are certain elements of fashion that never seem to go out of style, from a well-tailored black suit or dress to a nice pair of fitted high-quality denim. One of the most enduring of all fashion trends, however, is the men’s trench coat. The trench coat has been a staple of men’s fashion across all the world for the last century, from the smoky bar rooms of Bogart’s Casablanca to the battle lines of Western Europe during the World Wars. Over time, it has come to symbolize a heritage of classic strength and elegance that is just as relevant as today.

Part of the romantic allure of men’s trench coats is their origin in combat. Burberry, the famous UK fashion designer, originally created the trench coat to be a durable garment that could keep soldiers in the Boer War warm and repel water during harsh outdoor conditions. Originally, it was only worn by officers, which also served to lend the garment some sense of prestige. By the time of the first World War, the trench coat was commonly seen among soldiers of all ranks.

After that first World War, soldiers returned home to the United States wearing trench coats they had purchased overseas. This helped to give the garment a true iconic status among American society, associating the wearer with bravery and service. Actors who had served in the war such as Humphrey Bogart also helped to popularize the garment by wearing it in popular movies such as “Casablanca”.

In recent years, the men’s trench coat has fallen somewhat out of use in favor of lighter jackets and less formal social attire overall. However, this does not diminish the inherent utility the coat still has. Modern men who want to look their best can transform their everyday suit into a bold statement of timeless style with a wool trench coat layered over top. Even during the summer, or in warmer climates, men can easily integrate the classic look of the trench coat into their wardrobe without appearing overdressed by choosing a lighter cotton coat that combines the style of the original wool coat with the ease of use urban living demands.

Ultimately, the men’s trench coat remains one of the enduring cornerstones of fashion. Much like a custom tailored pair of jeans or a well-tooled pair of boots, the trench coat is one garment without which a man’s wardrobe simply isn’t complete.